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Rate Schedule
Our standard rates for accounts with 1-5 users are listed below. If you you are interested in setting up an account with more than 5 users please contact us at info@worldwidedialup.net or by phone at +1-616-723-0550.

Setup Fee:
  $20.00 per user

Usages Charges:
  Based on type of connection, location, and length of time connected.
  To find current prices for various locations, please click here.

Monthly Maintenance Fee:
  $2.50 per user*

*Note - The monthly maintenance fee is only charged in months where there are no usage charges on a user's account. Therefore, when a user uses the service the maintenance fee is waived and the user is charged for the usage.

Invoice (Pay by check) Billing Information:*

If you wish to pay by check, the following security deposit applies as well:

Security Deposit:
  $200.00 per user**

All payments must be made in U$ Dollars

*Note: "Pay by Check" not available with all promotions.

**Note: The security deposit is forfeited in the event of default on payments as per the Worldwide Dialup Service Agreement. Additionally, the "Pay by Check" option is only available in the United States and Canada.

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