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Email Services
Do you need spam and virus protected e-mail? We've got it! Whether you need it for work or for play, to stay in touch with old friends or get in touch with new. Worldwide Dialup has your E-mail solution.

We can provide personal accounts such as (username)@worldwidedialup.net or accounts for business such as (username)@(yourdomain).com/net/org/cc etc. We also can forward your mail to another account for those of you having trouble keeping up with all of the e-mail addresses you already have. Most importantly for people on the go, Worldwide Dialup provides spam and virus filtering via Postini, on all of its e-mail accounts!

With Worldwide Dialup's Webmail service you can access your e-mail from any browser anytime.

With all of these services you can't go wrong.

To get started with Worldwide Dialup's e-mail services just click here.
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